13 of the best websites for Advertising to Realtors

In my team’s quest to find the best place to advertise to Realtors, we complied quite a an extensive list and supporting data.  We thought it might be helpful to share with our followers the results of our study.

We did all of our research online and found a lot of articles written about the best sites to sell a home and then targeted those sites for potential advertising opportunities. All of the sites we found were paid services with the exception of CraigsList of course.  We were also surprised that some of the web’s leading sites for real estate did not allow advertising, Refin.com being one of those sites.

As we shopped for potential advertisers, we based our results on key word searches, organic results, and links from other sites and articles.  The list below is what we believe are the best places to advertise real estate related services (in no particular order):

  1. Realtor Magazine Online
  2. Zip Realty
  3. Realtor / Move.com
  4. Trulia
  5. Zillow
  6. CAR
  7. OCAR
  8. NAR
  9. LinkedIn
  10. Facebook
  11. ActiveRain
  12. CraigsList
  13. AgentsOnline

Some of the services above are Social Media and we find that a powerful medium to advertise on.  Sites like Facebook and LinkedIn are excellent vehicles to promote your services.  We are a firm believer in also using Twitter and Content Syndication tools like OnlyWire to also spread the word on the web.  And better yet – they are free.

We would love to hear your feedback and send us any sites or services you feel we should further explore.


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